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Friday, July 3, 2015

Shopping Series #1: (To Spend or Not To Spend)

Hey y'all! I will be doing a shopping series on the blog. Many of us will start back to school shopping soon so I thought since I get the most questions about fashion, this would be a great series to start. Today, I will be talking about balancing budget and style. My hubby and I are both educators so finding a balance is important. Today, I am sharing some of my tips on how I balance style....and keeping with our Dave Ramsey budget.

I try to find the balance of good quality and budget! When purchasing trendy items, I usually buy them cheaper. For example, jewelry or shoes that are more "trendy at the moment," I will usually try to find at a lower price. I don't want to invest in something that I will probably get rid of in a couple of months. Here is an example of some things I have recently purchased that I felt were more trendy so I tried to find them at a good price.

You can find this HERE for only $18!!!

These light weight earrings are awesome! You can find them HERE for only $8!!!

I got this on sale and it's on sale again for only 29.99!!! I got this in the same color but did an ivory monogram. I am kind of obsessed with Marley Lily!
Find it HERE!

This is my fav thing so far I have ordered from Marley Lily. I had been admiring the Kendra Scott bracelets but saw this one and loved the fact it could be monogrammed. I am just a bit obsessed with monograms.....You can find it HERE and it's on sale for $19.99 now!

If it is a quality item, I could see myself using for years, I will usually pay more because I see it as an investment. An example is a really nice tote (which I just purchased and will be posting about soon), black heels (Tory Burch wedges are on my wish list), or a good quality blazer. When shopping and falling in love with an item that may be more than what I would usually spend, I think whether I could wear it for years....that's my shopping policy on pricey items.

My Hunter and Michael Kors rain boots were a bit more than I would pay but I have had a lot of good use out of them and see myself wearing them much more!!! I even wear them when it's not raining to keep warm in winter.

These Tory Burch wedges are on my list and I could see this being a work staple all year round!

I hope y'all enjoy this series and places I shop the most are next along with some counseling resources!!! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!!!

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