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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Inside Out Toys and the HUGE Nordstrom Sale!

Hey y'all. I promised a lot of things this week and looked at my planner and realized it was Thursday. I knew I had to start my checklist as soon as possible. Here's the game plan...because I absolutely do love plans. Today I am talkin' all about toys that would be an awesome addition to any counselor's collection and the ever-so famous Nordstrom sale going on now!

I had a request to do a What's In My Bag: Back to School Edition video so I will have that up this weekend along with a Freebie. So keep checkin' because there will be lots of new posts.

So, my hubby and I brought our kiddos to see Inside and Out and ...oh my word...I swear a counselor had to have created that movie. It was pretty perfect. We talked to our kids about the movie and it was amazing to see how the kids understood emotions and the importance of ALL emotions on a whole new level. I love that this is a big movie that a lot of kids have seen or will see. Our kids are loving all of the marketing aka buying toys from the movie being out. Ella REALLY wanted a set to play with. She loves collecting sets of figures from movies.

My husband found this great set at Disney.com. This is really a quality set. "Fear" is included but was in the bag still. These would be great for individual counseling, counseling with English Language Learners, or any type of play therapy. When I worked at my last elementary campus, I heavily relied on figures and puppets. We had 90% ELL's (spanish speaking and refugees from over 5 countries) and we got through some huge language barriers with items like these. It was amazing to build such cool relationships with the kids without speaking the same language. This set was about $20 and is now sold out. I think they will be restocking it. You can find a similar set HERE.

Here are a few items that would be great to add to your counseling resources!

Mixed Emotions Book Set: HERE

Driven By Emotions Chapter Book: HERE This would be great to let more experienced readers "check out."

Magnet Set: HERE These would be great to hang things with or to create games with!
I also would recommend purchasing the figure sets. These are great to add to your play therapy resources. When I first started counseling, everyone used the really beautiful, expensive play therapy people and items. I have had pretty good luck with figure sets from Disney (I am in no way advertising for them...hehe). You can usually get them 2/$20. My kids love them!

You can see a variety of sets HERE. 

Now, to switch gears....the Nordstrom Sale. Y'all. I don't know where to start. This sale is a preview of all the new fall items...but it's on SALE! I am highlighting some of my purchases.
It was hard to purchase a pea coat when it's 100 degrees out but when I got it in and saw how beautiful it was....I knew it was a great buy. Below are my interesting purchases...haha...I also bought shoes for my kiddos and other little items for them for back to school.
I tried to buy simple, good quality items that I can mix and match in the Fall.
Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic HERE 
Kendra Scott "Rae" Necklace HERE
Double Breasted Pea Coat HERE

I have some other things on my "I adore you list" that would be great for work! They may be sitting in my cart now and I may be pressing proceed to checkout. My items came fast and things are selling out like crazy, y'all. I have a Nordstrom card so I had early access but the sale is open to everyone tomorrow, so get ready!

I am off to get some rest, I am teaching the last day of VBS tomorrow and then I go back to work on Monday! Be on the lookout for the freebie and video. Hope y'all are having a GREAT summer!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Shopping Series #1: (To Spend or Not To Spend)

Hey y'all! I will be doing a shopping series on the blog. Many of us will start back to school shopping soon so I thought since I get the most questions about fashion, this would be a great series to start. Today, I will be talking about balancing budget and style. My hubby and I are both educators so finding a balance is important. Today, I am sharing some of my tips on how I balance style....and keeping with our Dave Ramsey budget.

I try to find the balance of good quality and budget! When purchasing trendy items, I usually buy them cheaper. For example, jewelry or shoes that are more "trendy at the moment," I will usually try to find at a lower price. I don't want to invest in something that I will probably get rid of in a couple of months. Here is an example of some things I have recently purchased that I felt were more trendy so I tried to find them at a good price.

You can find this HERE for only $18!!!

These light weight earrings are awesome! You can find them HERE for only $8!!!

I got this on sale and it's on sale again for only 29.99!!! I got this in the same color but did an ivory monogram. I am kind of obsessed with Marley Lily!
Find it HERE!

This is my fav thing so far I have ordered from Marley Lily. I had been admiring the Kendra Scott bracelets but saw this one and loved the fact it could be monogrammed. I am just a bit obsessed with monograms.....You can find it HERE and it's on sale for $19.99 now!

If it is a quality item, I could see myself using for years, I will usually pay more because I see it as an investment. An example is a really nice tote (which I just purchased and will be posting about soon), black heels (Tory Burch wedges are on my wish list), or a good quality blazer. When shopping and falling in love with an item that may be more than what I would usually spend, I think whether I could wear it for years....that's my shopping policy on pricey items.

My Hunter and Michael Kors rain boots were a bit more than I would pay but I have had a lot of good use out of them and see myself wearing them much more!!! I even wear them when it's not raining to keep warm in winter.

These Tory Burch wedges are on my list and I could see this being a work staple all year round!

I hope y'all enjoy this series and places I shop the most are next along with some counseling resources!!! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!!!