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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day In The Life Winner.....

Hey, y'all! I hope you are enjoying the last bit of your weekend. Fall is here in Texas...well at least the idea of fall. It's been pretty warm here but we are keeping our fingers crossed for colder weather!!! My family and I enjoyed our neighborhood's fall festival and then finished some decorating and baking. Those of you up north...I am a little jealous of your pictures of you wearing scarves and jackets.

Thank you so much to those of you that participated in my "Day in the Life" challenge. I loved peeking into your day! I will be doing another Instagram challenge soon so watch for the details on that!
And congrats....to Instagram user: ANGELARAVERY!!!! Message me your info to send you your prize!!!!
Some of the challenge photos...y'all are too cute!
I know Red Ribbon Week is fast approaching so below you will find links to some resources to help as you plan out your celebration.

Red Ribbon.Org

Drug Free Texas.Org Lesson Plans

United States DEA

Oriental Trading Red Ribbon Week Items to Purchase

I hope you all have a great week and take some time for you! I know, for me, as a busy wife, mom, and ap...it's all about the little things like manicures or breakfast and music on the patio. Self care is important, y'all. We can't be our best to serve others if we don't take care of ourselves!

I will be doing a Fall Fashion post next and also a small group activity for all ages!!! See you soon. Hope you have a great week and go out and create change!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

What's Your WHY?

If you ask any educator what their "why" is, you will usually get the answer, "Because I care about kids." I feel that great educators do have that at heart but what is your why...your purpose? Why are you in your role?

As we gain more years under our belts, as educational views change, and as our youth population changes, it can be murky to some. I think reflection is so important for us to do as individuals, personally and professionally. For me, it all comes down to the question of, "How can I serve in this position?" So many times we get lost in negativity or excuses. We get caught up in what I call "the only if's." "If I only our students did this...or "If only we had the money to purchase this...or "If only our parents did this." Y'all, we can't get caught up in that cycle! If you do, it can be a very tough, negative place.

How exciting is it to problem solve and be a part of a change? Be an idea generator. Don's freeze up in the moments when you feel you CAN'T, embrace the moments you know you CAN! I agree that there are some tough things out there that we can't change but what can we change? As cheesy as this all may seem, I am so excited. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our why. I have been reflecting over this for some time since I have moved to my new role. I am learning the ropes and understanding exactly what being an ap means. With this, I have constantly thought about what impact I can have and how I can serve those on my campus (teachers, students, parents, community).

As an elementary teacher, my purpose was to inspire, create a love for learning, and get those babies ready for the upper grades. As a counselor, I was there to support, build up, guide, and listen.
And now as an assistant principal I am there to humbly learn, lead, inspire, and spread positive energy. And yes...it all does boil down to being there for kids and putting them first. I know...classic...but true.

So, what's your why? Comment below or link up and share your "why" story?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fall Fashion and College Week!!!

Hey, y'all. I hope you are all off to a great start back to school! I know the reality of late nights and early mornings came way too fast! Nothing a little Starbucks can't fix.  Tonight is the first slow night I have had in probably two months and it's all kinds of wonderful. I got to enjoy some time as a wife and mommy which is always the best!

Since I had some requests for a fashion post, I thought tonight would be a great night! I have some great Fall Finds for around $30 and under. I put together 4 outfits using the various pieces!

I do want to explain that the filter on the 2nd outfit looks quite funny. The shirt under the vest is actually a denim chambray shirt and not nearly what it looks like in the picture!
The first piece I want to chat about is the white top in the first and third pic. Y'all...this shirt is heaven. Untucked, it covers everything I want to cover up as a Mom of 2 kiddos...haha. It's long enough to wear with leggings and would be cozy with a long cardigan, leggings, and boots! I tucked it in for a more professional look in the third picture and I can't begin to tell you how soft the material is. You can find it HERE. I will say when I bought it, it was less than $30 when Nordstrom had their big sale but it's only around $42 now and so worth it!

The second item is this super fun, statement necklace which I wore in every pic. I bought it online at Nordstrom for ......get this...$12.98 and FREE shipping. This is a great piece to add a little style to a plain tee and jeans or to glam it up. You can find it HERE!

I wore these cozy, taupe booties in 3 of the 4 pics and they are so versatile. You can wear them with jeans or a dress. I spent less than $30 on these babies and look forward to wearing them this Fall. You can find them HERE.

Last, a Fall must have is a green vest whether a moto vest (like mine) or a military vest...they look great with everything. You can wear it over a dress with some boots or over a chambray shirt with fun, colored jeans. I think I am actually going to order this one because I love the style!! You can find it HERE! The one I am wearing in the pic is no longer available.

I hope to start posting more fashion posts that are budget friendly! I love fashion but my hubby and I are both educators so I try to stick to sales!!!

Now, on to college week. Many of you may be gearing up to pump your student about college! Since I am not directly planning college week this year, I don't have too many ideas to share but if you click below, it will take you to my past posts on college week!

College Week Post One

College Week Post Two

I would love for you to comment about your favorite thing you do during college week!! Have a great week and don't forget to take time for YOU!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School, A Must Have, and a FREEBIE!!!

Hey y'all. I hope you are all doing great. I went back to work in late July and it has been full speed ahead since then. Today, I have been reflecting a lot on my new position as an assistant principal and my past position as a counselor. I have realized a job is what you make it. I have a very different role and completely new tasks but how I handle and react to things is very much the same. I am sharing this because no matter where you are or what position you are in...it's all about how you make it. You can't control the things that happen, the situations your kids come from...but you can control your attitude and what YOU can do to make a change!! Speaking of back to school, bright outfits and Starbucks have helped me get hyped up!!!


A new school year is upon us. I can't believe it. I will have a Kindergartener and a 2nd grader and my Mommy heart is in shock. Luckily, they will be with my hubby so I will know they are in the best hands! So with a new school year comes a new Office Pack. You can purchase your own HERE! Here is a little peek into this year's pack. I am kinda in love with it!

I think the motivational signs are my favorite. I love the adventure one and am in a bit of an arrow phase!

One of my Must Have items to kick off this school year is a Keep Collective bracelet. Y'all...they are doing a Keep Kind campaign and it is perfect for counselors. They even have bracelets that say "Be Kind" and "You can sit with me." Melts.my.heart.  I don't personally sell these but my sister in law does and I have a party open if you would like to order. It will be open until August 26th and you can access it HERE! As soon as you order, your goodies will ship pretty soon (as in 3-4 days) even if the party is still open! This is great for people who are too impatient to wait for it like me!
You can customize them however you want. You can do one to rep your school colors or mascot, create a Mrs. one, a Mommy one, or just a pretty wrap! Here are some I am loving that I saw online!

And because I want to wish you all a great start back to school..I have a freebie for you!!! This printable is great to frame or print poster size for the hall. This is how I feel everyday!
Want your own? Click HERE for your FREE download. I have been keeping busy with all of your amazing Facebook requests. Next up...a YouTube office video!!!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

FREEBIE and a What's In My Bag Video

Hey, friends. I have been back to school for a bit now and am going 90 miles a minute. I hope you all are still enjoying your summer and are relaxing by the pool. I have a quick post for you today.

On Facebook, I shared that if you like and comment with things you want to see on The Stylish School Counselor, I would give my feelings foldable for FREE!!!  I am so excited about all of the great ideas and resources you would like to see....and as promised here is your feelings foldable freebie. You can access it here to download.  FREE FEELINGS FOLDABLE

This would be great to use in a small group or after a guidance lesson on feelings. I used feeling words similar to the feeling words in the Inside Out movie so that kids could relate although this doesn't infringe on copyright because those are feeling words, right?

Here is an example of a completed one. I had them draw faces on the circles to represent those feelings and underneath they can draw or write what makes them feel that way. It's super simple and you can just copy these off fast in black and white!

Also, if you missed my "What's in My Bag" video, you can check it out HERE. Is it a little awkward? Yes. Then again...that's kinda who I am! Haha.

I shared my back to school basics I carry in my bag. In case you are all wondering the bag is from Barrington Gifts which you can check out HERE!. It's all kinds of goodness!! They have super cute customizable bags. You can choose the pattern, color, and even add a monogram. I went with a classic, year round choice but there were a lot of fun ones I was crushin' on. I got the St. Anne Tote which is their best selling bag. To create your own, go to the site then to Shop Women's and Create Your Own. My specific bag is under Create Your Own Fall.

This one may be next on my list!!! It's a fun pop of color but also still classic.

I have a lot to do with your amazing Facebook comments, so I am going to get started. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Inside Out Toys and the HUGE Nordstrom Sale!

Hey y'all. I promised a lot of things this week and looked at my planner and realized it was Thursday. I knew I had to start my checklist as soon as possible. Here's the game plan...because I absolutely do love plans. Today I am talkin' all about toys that would be an awesome addition to any counselor's collection and the ever-so famous Nordstrom sale going on now!

I had a request to do a What's In My Bag: Back to School Edition video so I will have that up this weekend along with a Freebie. So keep checkin' because there will be lots of new posts.

So, my hubby and I brought our kiddos to see Inside and Out and ...oh my word...I swear a counselor had to have created that movie. It was pretty perfect. We talked to our kids about the movie and it was amazing to see how the kids understood emotions and the importance of ALL emotions on a whole new level. I love that this is a big movie that a lot of kids have seen or will see. Our kids are loving all of the marketing aka buying toys from the movie being out. Ella REALLY wanted a set to play with. She loves collecting sets of figures from movies.

My husband found this great set at Disney.com. This is really a quality set. "Fear" is included but was in the bag still. These would be great for individual counseling, counseling with English Language Learners, or any type of play therapy. When I worked at my last elementary campus, I heavily relied on figures and puppets. We had 90% ELL's (spanish speaking and refugees from over 5 countries) and we got through some huge language barriers with items like these. It was amazing to build such cool relationships with the kids without speaking the same language. This set was about $20 and is now sold out. I think they will be restocking it. You can find a similar set HERE.

Here are a few items that would be great to add to your counseling resources!

Mixed Emotions Book Set: HERE

Driven By Emotions Chapter Book: HERE This would be great to let more experienced readers "check out."

Magnet Set: HERE These would be great to hang things with or to create games with!
I also would recommend purchasing the figure sets. These are great to add to your play therapy resources. When I first started counseling, everyone used the really beautiful, expensive play therapy people and items. I have had pretty good luck with figure sets from Disney (I am in no way advertising for them...hehe). You can usually get them 2/$20. My kids love them!

You can see a variety of sets HERE. 

Now, to switch gears....the Nordstrom Sale. Y'all. I don't know where to start. This sale is a preview of all the new fall items...but it's on SALE! I am highlighting some of my purchases.
It was hard to purchase a pea coat when it's 100 degrees out but when I got it in and saw how beautiful it was....I knew it was a great buy. Below are my interesting purchases...haha...I also bought shoes for my kiddos and other little items for them for back to school.
I tried to buy simple, good quality items that I can mix and match in the Fall.
Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic HERE 
Kendra Scott "Rae" Necklace HERE
Double Breasted Pea Coat HERE

I have some other things on my "I adore you list" that would be great for work! They may be sitting in my cart now and I may be pressing proceed to checkout. My items came fast and things are selling out like crazy, y'all. I have a Nordstrom card so I had early access but the sale is open to everyone tomorrow, so get ready!

I am off to get some rest, I am teaching the last day of VBS tomorrow and then I go back to work on Monday! Be on the lookout for the freebie and video. Hope y'all are having a GREAT summer!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Shopping Series #1: (To Spend or Not To Spend)

Hey y'all! I will be doing a shopping series on the blog. Many of us will start back to school shopping soon so I thought since I get the most questions about fashion, this would be a great series to start. Today, I will be talking about balancing budget and style. My hubby and I are both educators so finding a balance is important. Today, I am sharing some of my tips on how I balance style....and keeping with our Dave Ramsey budget.

I try to find the balance of good quality and budget! When purchasing trendy items, I usually buy them cheaper. For example, jewelry or shoes that are more "trendy at the moment," I will usually try to find at a lower price. I don't want to invest in something that I will probably get rid of in a couple of months. Here is an example of some things I have recently purchased that I felt were more trendy so I tried to find them at a good price.

You can find this HERE for only $18!!!

These light weight earrings are awesome! You can find them HERE for only $8!!!

I got this on sale and it's on sale again for only 29.99!!! I got this in the same color but did an ivory monogram. I am kind of obsessed with Marley Lily!
Find it HERE!

This is my fav thing so far I have ordered from Marley Lily. I had been admiring the Kendra Scott bracelets but saw this one and loved the fact it could be monogrammed. I am just a bit obsessed with monograms.....You can find it HERE and it's on sale for $19.99 now!

If it is a quality item, I could see myself using for years, I will usually pay more because I see it as an investment. An example is a really nice tote (which I just purchased and will be posting about soon), black heels (Tory Burch wedges are on my wish list), or a good quality blazer. When shopping and falling in love with an item that may be more than what I would usually spend, I think whether I could wear it for years....that's my shopping policy on pricey items.

My Hunter and Michael Kors rain boots were a bit more than I would pay but I have had a lot of good use out of them and see myself wearing them much more!!! I even wear them when it's not raining to keep warm in winter.

These Tory Burch wedges are on my list and I could see this being a work staple all year round!

I hope y'all enjoy this series and places I shop the most are next along with some counseling resources!!! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

What's Next....

First off, I would like to say "Happy Summer!" Long live the days of long summer nights, laying by the pool, checking off to do lists, and tons of time with family and friends. If you are reading this right now...."You SO deserve it!" I started my summer off right (even though I will work 4 days a week for about 3 weeks more). I foresee many pool days with big hats and Starbucks with the hubby and the kiddos!

Second, I would like to thank you all for your support. I can't believe The Stylish School Counselor has grown in followers and FB likes even though I have been missing for the last couple of months. Y'all, I just can't even....
Your support has been absolutely amazing and your emails checking on me have been down right sweet! Two years ago I never would have imagined I would be TPT'ing it up and using a blog to network with some of the coolest educators around the world!! I have made some wonderful friends through blogging!

If you read my post about my little mid-year change (you can read it HERE) then I am sure you can imagine why I have been missing! So, what came of that temporary position? I got the job as an assistant principal intern. In our district, if you get hired you are an intern for two years and then after that you are an official assistant principal. It is an awesome set up. You have two years to see if you are what they want as a leader and on the flip side, you have two years to see if it is what you really want to do. I see it as a win-win situation! I will miss counseling but must say that it has actually been a huge part of my job still. I have to share this picture of how sweet our amazing counseling director and her assistant are. They surprised me at school with flowers and gave me hugs when it was announced. I can't even begin to say how much I will miss them. Absolutely amazing. But who is to say I won't venture back to counseling one day. I am 32 so who knows what the future holds.

So, you may be thinking..."What does that mean for The Stylish School Counselor?" This site will continue. I love blogging. I love networking with you all. I love sharing ideas. I will always share counseling ideas. You can never STOP being a counselor no matter what you do. I feel that being a counselor is engrained in my heart and is extremely vital in my days as an AP.

I love fashion, so wear to work series will continue (hopefully with Andrea at JyJoyner Counselor), my TPT store will continue strong (I will be adding counseling, lesson plans, and instructional resources), and sharing counseling ideas will continue. I would love to see the site evolve into a one stop place for educators that still has a heart for counseling. I would love your ideas on whether I should keep the name or change it. You can vote below!!!!

I am also collecting ideas as to what units or things in my TPT store you would like to see! You can add ideas HERE!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer! I will hopefully have a summer wear to work series in the next week for those of you who are still working and want ideas on a professional but laid back summer look!  And of course, since I have been MIA, I have a little Bully Free mini poster set for you all for FREE for a limited time (FREE until June 9th)!!!! These would be great to have printed large at Costco to grace your hallways or even framed in your office area. These would also be great for teacher classrooms!

You can get your set FREE HERE until June 9th! Happy Summer!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Testing Season!

Testing season is upon us. For some counselors this is a very stressful time of year. So, I have decided to share a freebie to "brighten" things up! HERE you will find a link for FREE testing signs in my TPT store.

Are any of you making goodies for teachers and kids? You can also find some, simple (easy to print) labels for treats HERE!!

You could attach a snack size bag of cookies or bake one and put it in a cute baggie with the tag. For blow the test away, you could tie a fun print ribbon with the tag to a blow pop. You could put Hershey kisses in a snack size baggie for the jitters phrase. The last one is an easy one for us educators, throw some goldfish in a bag!! I hope these are fun, simple way to brighten up your testing. I do not do testing on my campus but I sure am thankful for the people that do!!!

Happy testing and summer is not that far away!