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Monday, October 5, 2015

What's Your WHY?

If you ask any educator what their "why" is, you will usually get the answer, "Because I care about kids." I feel that great educators do have that at heart but what is your why...your purpose? Why are you in your role?

As we gain more years under our belts, as educational views change, and as our youth population changes, it can be murky to some. I think reflection is so important for us to do as individuals, personally and professionally. For me, it all comes down to the question of, "How can I serve in this position?" So many times we get lost in negativity or excuses. We get caught up in what I call "the only if's." "If I only our students did this...or "If only we had the money to purchase this...or "If only our parents did this." Y'all, we can't get caught up in that cycle! If you do, it can be a very tough, negative place.

How exciting is it to problem solve and be a part of a change? Be an idea generator. Don's freeze up in the moments when you feel you CAN'T, embrace the moments you know you CAN! I agree that there are some tough things out there that we can't change but what can we change? As cheesy as this all may seem, I am so excited. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our why. I have been reflecting over this for some time since I have moved to my new role. I am learning the ropes and understanding exactly what being an ap means. With this, I have constantly thought about what impact I can have and how I can serve those on my campus (teachers, students, parents, community).

As an elementary teacher, my purpose was to inspire, create a love for learning, and get those babies ready for the upper grades. As a counselor, I was there to support, build up, guide, and listen.
And now as an assistant principal I am there to humbly learn, lead, inspire, and spread positive energy. And yes...it all does boil down to being there for kids and putting them first. I know...classic...but true.

So, what's your why? Comment below or link up and share your "why" story?

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