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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School, A Must Have, and a FREEBIE!!!

Hey y'all. I hope you are all doing great. I went back to work in late July and it has been full speed ahead since then. Today, I have been reflecting a lot on my new position as an assistant principal and my past position as a counselor. I have realized a job is what you make it. I have a very different role and completely new tasks but how I handle and react to things is very much the same. I am sharing this because no matter where you are or what position you are in...it's all about how you make it. You can't control the things that happen, the situations your kids come from...but you can control your attitude and what YOU can do to make a change!! Speaking of back to school, bright outfits and Starbucks have helped me get hyped up!!!


A new school year is upon us. I can't believe it. I will have a Kindergartener and a 2nd grader and my Mommy heart is in shock. Luckily, they will be with my hubby so I will know they are in the best hands! So with a new school year comes a new Office Pack. You can purchase your own HERE! Here is a little peek into this year's pack. I am kinda in love with it!

I think the motivational signs are my favorite. I love the adventure one and am in a bit of an arrow phase!

One of my Must Have items to kick off this school year is a Keep Collective bracelet. Y'all...they are doing a Keep Kind campaign and it is perfect for counselors. They even have bracelets that say "Be Kind" and "You can sit with me." Melts.my.heart.  I don't personally sell these but my sister in law does and I have a party open if you would like to order. It will be open until August 26th and you can access it HERE! As soon as you order, your goodies will ship pretty soon (as in 3-4 days) even if the party is still open! This is great for people who are too impatient to wait for it like me!
You can customize them however you want. You can do one to rep your school colors or mascot, create a Mrs. one, a Mommy one, or just a pretty wrap! Here are some I am loving that I saw online!

And because I want to wish you all a great start back to school..I have a freebie for you!!! This printable is great to frame or print poster size for the hall. This is how I feel everyday!
Want your own? Click HERE for your FREE download. I have been keeping busy with all of your amazing Facebook requests. Next up...a YouTube office video!!!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

FREEBIE and a What's In My Bag Video

Hey, friends. I have been back to school for a bit now and am going 90 miles a minute. I hope you all are still enjoying your summer and are relaxing by the pool. I have a quick post for you today.

On Facebook, I shared that if you like and comment with things you want to see on The Stylish School Counselor, I would give my feelings foldable for FREE!!!  I am so excited about all of the great ideas and resources you would like to see....and as promised here is your feelings foldable freebie. You can access it here to download.  FREE FEELINGS FOLDABLE

This would be great to use in a small group or after a guidance lesson on feelings. I used feeling words similar to the feeling words in the Inside Out movie so that kids could relate although this doesn't infringe on copyright because those are feeling words, right?

Here is an example of a completed one. I had them draw faces on the circles to represent those feelings and underneath they can draw or write what makes them feel that way. It's super simple and you can just copy these off fast in black and white!

Also, if you missed my "What's in My Bag" video, you can check it out HERE. Is it a little awkward? Yes. Then again...that's kinda who I am! Haha.

I shared my back to school basics I carry in my bag. In case you are all wondering the bag is from Barrington Gifts which you can check out HERE!. It's all kinds of goodness!! They have super cute customizable bags. You can choose the pattern, color, and even add a monogram. I went with a classic, year round choice but there were a lot of fun ones I was crushin' on. I got the St. Anne Tote which is their best selling bag. To create your own, go to the site then to Shop Women's and Create Your Own. My specific bag is under Create Your Own Fall.

This one may be next on my list!!! It's a fun pop of color but also still classic.

I have a lot to do with your amazing Facebook comments, so I am going to get started. Have a great weekend.