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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Character All Summer and a Lia Sophia Giveaway!!!!

Hey y'all!! I hope you are all on summer vacation and are taking the time to relax because YOU deserve it!! If you are still working, then bless your heart....I hope your vacation is coming soon!

Last week was so hard for me! It was the week we work without kids and I definitely realized that the students are what brings me joy! Now I love the people I work with but without seeing my sweet little big kiddos, I am a hot mess!! This is how bored I got....I was taking selfies with highlighters behind my ears. What was even more embarrassing is that our secretary came in and said, "Mrs. Acker, sorry to interrupt you because I know you are busy..." and she stopped there and laughed. Trust me I had tons to do but I had to take a mental break because I was so bored and so ready for summer. It took some Starbucks to give me the focus and energy I needed the next day and I had it all done in no time!!!

Let me just stop and talk about the pens above. Yes, they have a case that opens up so you can choose from the colorful goodness and, yes, I am officially in love with these babies. They are called Stabilo Point 88 pens and you can find them HERE! I love writing in my planner with these because it helps me to color coordinate things for the kids and at work and it makes it sooo fun!!!

The other night, as I was going through the my kids' summer reading pack from the library, I had an idea!! Ideas always come to me at random times and I get all excited but it is usually a bit of time before I can actually put it to paper or I guess I should say type it in powerpoint. Haha!

I was looking at the reading log that they have to turn in for a prize and had an idea. Now, this is a disclaimer, I don't know if it's a great idea but it's an idea...haha! I haven't quite put it into action but hope to next summer!

The kids reading log looked like this:
I was thinking to myself, I love how kids have an opportunity to continue their reading into summer with a goal to work towards (the prize)...how could I create something for counselors to help students keep track of character? Then I thought of it!!!

A Summer Character Log!!!

The counselor could distribute it or upload it to their webpage at the end of the year. In the last guidance lesson, the counselor could talk to students about it and get them excited! Here's one way it could work.

The counselor does a final character lesson and could discuss ways to carry out good character in the summer when they are not at school. Depending on the counselor's budget, a prize could be awarded for students who complete and turn in their Summer Character Log! It could be as little as a friendship bracelet from Oriental Trading with a certificate or a Pickle and Popcorn party at the beginning of the year....you can get creative with what works for your budget. 

I created an example of what it could look like, this is very elementary because that is how my brain works!!! I included a log and ideas of exhibiting good character could be printed on the back. You may want to do a monthly calendar or whatever works for you! I was just thinking of a general log that they could fill up when they could.

It is something I think could definitely be tweaked for secondary. For secondary, it could maybe have information on places to volunteer.

Unfortunately, I thought of this after school let out but I am excited to tuck it away for next year!!!

Other than thinking ahead for next year, I was busy last weekend having a fabulous jewelry party with Lia Sophia. Lia Sophia is a jewelry line that offers high end quality but also has trendy pieces. I fell in love with the pieces...from classic, everyday items to big bling to spice up any outfit, they had it!!

At first I thought the prices were a little high but when I found out that it is a warranty, I was impressed. Now of course, if you lose it that doesn't count but if it breaks or something like that, they will replace it!!! Amazing!!

If you want to check it out, I have an open party right now. Click HERE and click BROWSE OUR JEWELRY and you type Melanie Acker as your hostess. 

And to celebrate summer and how amazing Lia Sophia is, I am doing a giveaway!!!
This is a beautiful necklace and is valued at $48!! It is silver with turquoise stones. This would look great with a cute maxi or a white shirt and coral shorts and wedges!! A simple piece that adds a lot of style!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck!!! If you have any questions or ideas for posts, please feel free to email me at: melroseacker@yahoo.com Also, check out my personal blog HERE and my bloggin' buddy HERE!!!

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