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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trendy Thursday: Counselor Style

Hey yall! With school starting back soon, I am sure we are all thinking about back to school activities and what to wear!!! Haha! I am sharing with you today a post from my personal blog. I thought it would be perfect to share here, as well. I will be posting my 2nd Question and Answer series this weekend along with a freebie. And if you missed my last post, you can now get your own 2014-15 Office Starter pack!! I just printed mine and started putting it in my office. Pics will follow! I go back to work next week so I hope to post more once I am in action.
You can get your own HERE! Hope you enjoy! 

So this past Tuesday, Lauren and I headed out to Uptown for my sweet mother in law's (her mom) birthday!! We had so much fun! Of course we ate at Breadwinner's, rode the trolley on McKinney Avenue, got energized at Starbucks and then made a visit to West Village to the Kendra Scott store.

Let me just say....the sales gals probably thought we were crazy ladies!! We were so stinkin' excited and overwhelmed! I had never been to an actual Kendra Scott store. I had only looked at her stuff at Nordstrom's.  Can I just say that I am officially in love and I think that birthday/holiday shopping just got easier for Joey because there were so many pieces that I loved!!! So today I am going to share my purchase and my wish list!

Here we are basking in the cuteness of Kendra Scott
I was really impressed with all that they had in store. They had so many colors, shapes, and varieties of everything. I was SO in love with their earrings but I can't wear very heavy earrings at all. I have said this before but my heart is broken over the fact that I can't wear all her cute earrings BUT I did find one pair that wasn't too heavy!
These were the only ones that didn't hurt my ears....I loved them but want to get a bright color

I am thinking these!!! These are the Jane drop earrings in Magenta, I had them on in white.

I also found a lot of necklaces that I absolutely loved!!!
Loved this pink one and it's only $65

I loved the clear Rayne tassel necklace. It could go with so much!

This was hard to see but it was like the pink one above but in white
I love the way this person layered these two. Lauren got one of these in a different color and I am loving it, too!
So what did I come home with??? Well, I would have came home with more BUT I wanted to see if I could get any of it at Nordstrom so that I could use my Nordstrom card to get points. Luckily, Nordstrom has the necklace I want there so I can buy that and rack up those points. I did however get something that you can only get at free standing Kendra Scott stores. I got a ring from the Color Bar. It was so fun creating it and they put it together right then and there for you to take home. No waiting...which is great because I stink at waiting for things I am excited about!!!

I wanted to make something that could go with a lot of things so I went with pearls and clear stones. I was so tempted to make a fun, bright one but...again...I wanted something that I could wear with a lot of stuff. You can also choose if you want your setting to be gold or silver. I got silver because the girl helping me said it is not as noticeable and could go with everything!! The necklace and earrings I get will be bright so this was a pretty, simple piece.

What is neat about the Color Bar at Kendra Scott is you can make just about anything: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings. I loved it but remember it is only available at the actual Kendra Scott stores and you can make your own unique piece.

Before I go,  I wanted to share about this little vest. I LOVE it and had a lot of people ask me about it when I posted about it on instagram/facebook last week! 

Excuse my freakish looking arm. I paired it with blue skinny jeans, leopard wedges, and a striped tank. Simple but fun!

I can't for the life of me find it anywhere but I did find some similar ones! I actually would like a 2nd one for fall and winter! You can add it to a dress or over a long sleeve fun print shirt! Believe me....I never thought I would say I love vests. But I am starting to love jackets and vests more. I think it's because it can make outfits look more put together and layer nicely! So here's what I found:
This one is super cute and edgy. Not sure I could pull it off. You can find it HERE. It is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and is only $84.90 but will go up to $128 after the sale.

This one would be great for the weekend and work! I am loving this one! It is also part of the Anniversary sale. It's on sale for $57.09 but will go up to $88.

And this is the one I am ordering NOW! It is on sale for $23.40 and here is the best thing...it comes in a coral color, bright blue, and white!! You can find it HERE!

 And I want to share one more that I think I will also be ordering today. This is a cropped, drape front blazer that would be cute with jeans and heels, a dress, or a cute skirt. Perfect for a fall date night or to work. I am thinking the pink or blue for me! It's on sale for $23.40!!!! Find it HERE
Don't forget to check out Lauren's blog HERE! She purchased some super cute Kendra Scott stuff and it was so funny to see what we were drawn to!!! 

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