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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A little pick me up....

I don't know about you but a handwritten note or encouraging text makes all the difference to me. Whether I am having a bad day, didn't meet expectations I set for myself, or just feel "blah," receiving kind words instantly lifts me up. As counselors, administrators, and educators we are super busy and can get caught up in the craziness of our schedules. Sometimes we forget to tell the people around us how much we appreciate them or how proud we are of their growth. With the new year came new goals....

A goal that I set for myself this month was to communicate a positive message to at least 10 people a week (whether staff members or students). As hectic as the week gets, I knew I had to take the time to show appreciation and encouragement to those around me. Part of our job in schools is to motivate and grow others. I know I am thankful to those around me who challenge me and "grow me." Today I want to share with you some of the ways you can start spreading a little positivity all while fitting it into your schedule.

1. Set a realistic goal
I decided that 10 would be a good place to start. My goal includes staff and students. I would eventually like to move that number up but I wanted to first make sure I could attain it.

2. Be meaningful and purposeful
I don't randomly write notes. I have been trying to notice little things here and there so that I am writing genuine, positive words. For example, the other afternoon some boys stayed to help stack chairs when their friends walked off. They were respectful and helpful. I wanted them to know how awesome they were. There was also a teacher who helped longer than needed at bus duty. Things like that may seem small but make a difference!

3. Use a variety of methods
I love handwritten notes and cute little cards but I also send e-mails or a quick note on a sticky! One of my favorite ways lately, though, is Red Stamp. It is a free app you can download and they have super cute "cards" you can personalize and send through text or email. When I do walkthroughs, I use this, as well!!
Need a cute note format for students? You can download my counselor specific positive notes HERE!
You can also get a FREEBIE HERE!

One of my favorite places to get cards is Half Price Books. They usually have a good variety for a good price. TJ Maxx also has a snazzy assortment! If you want something personalized, I LOVE The Sister Studio's notepads and cards (link HERE-pictures below).

I also make sure to use fun colored pens (you can take a girl out of elementary but you can't take the elementary out of the girl)!! My past Kindergarten teacher heart just squeals with delight when I break out my colorful Sharpie and felt tip pens (which you can get on Amazon)!!

I also wanted to share a great article and graphic with you all! Wake Forest University offers a great online counseling program and recently emailed me with some resources to share with you all!

They created a graphic displaying "What Counselors Do!" This would be great for a bulletin board or to integrate into School Counseling Week to show everyone all of the awesome things you do!! You can check it out HERE.
They also have a great article on influential counselors in history which is HERE!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Please feel free to comment below on ways that you spread positivity on your campus! I would love to hear your ideas!

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