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Thursday, March 26, 2020

All the Feels

I am so excited to share a book review with you all today and a book giveaway. I think we can all agree it has been a heavy past few weeks so I am eager to share something light and upbeat today.

Today I am sharing the book Marcy's Having All the Feels by Allison Edwards. Y'all, this book is pretty precious. It reminds me a lot of the Disney movie Inside Out.

Marcy, the main character, is struggling with her emotions. She really wants to just have the good feelings but realizes how important ALL of the emotions are.

I love how it breaks down the different emotions and gives examples of situations in which a kid may experience those emotions.

This is not only a great addition to your counseling library but also for your home library. It is whimsical and cleverly written.

You can check out my video review HERE.

I don't have students to directly use this with currently but I plan to use this with a kiddo in individual counseling. The first thing that came to mind that would be a great addition is my free Feelings Foldable.

Students can draw the emotion and under the flap write or draw when that feeling has helped them in a situation. Then they can share!

I hope this is a resource you can use in your counseling practice. I hope you are all staying healthy (physically, mentally, and emotionally) during this challenging time.

Lots of Love,


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