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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Who's Got Character? I do! I do!!

Today our district Character Counts! team visited schools who were finalists for the Character Counts! Award and we were one of them!!! I was so stinkin' excited and so were our kiddos. Although this is my first year as an elementary counselor, I have been thinking of ideas to implement for a successful character program for awhile now. Some of the things that we have implemented at our campus are:

*Caught In Good Character: Teachers, parents, and students can write who has done something based on the six pillars of character (trustworthiness, respect, caring, responsibility, citizenship, and fairness). I read them at announcements and post them in the hall. The kids LOVE this!!

*Character Council: A service group that does different projects that shine our character and spread kindness to others.

P.S. We even got lil' shirts and the kids were so rockin' them today!
*Bully Police: This is a program where we have Bully Officers in all grades that report bullying that they see. I will do a separate post on this and add the printables for free...but let me tell ya'.....this has been golden!

*Character Word of the Week: I read a character word of the week each day and I do word checks in the hall to see if the kiddos have been listening. I also announce on Thursdays that whichever teacher emails me the character word of the week first, wins a small prize. Love it!

*Teacher of the Month: We vote for Teacher of the Month based on a character word.

We are doing much more but I thought I would share some of the things I was doing on my campus. I don't know if we will win but it was such an honor having them visit our school!

I also just finished a little unit on Self Esteem, which you can find here:

It's a pretty short and simple pack! Don't worry I will definitely be posting some freebies though this week. I am also so excited about this new addition to my office which has already been put to good use today! My sister was cleaning out my niece's playroom and I knew this would have a home with my students!
I hope you all have a great rest of the week. I am super excited about spring break and enjoying it with these sweet kiddos!

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