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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Fever!

I may have posted about spring fever in the past, but I would have to say I have Summer fever now. I am so ready for days of wearing cute sandals, laying out, and making memories with my sweet family. Don't get me wrong, my brain has been running like crazy thinking of things I want to make and do for next school year but I am also ready to relax with my sweet little ones.

This past week, our oldest one graduated Pre-K and we were pretty proud parents!!

And I hope you all had a fabulous mother's day, I definitely did!
So...now down to what we are here for...counseling! My program is really winding down and I have been working on cleaning out files, creating data spreadsheets of every student and what tier they are on as of now from SST, and gathering any referral documents needed. For the most part, I am prepping for next year so I can come in and just pick back up.

I also worked on a couple of activity packets....they are available in my lil' TPT store.....
The first one is a Summer Safety Packet that I used with my students. About 98% of our kiddos live in apartments and most have pools there. A lot of our students are unsupervised during the summer days, so I knew I wanted to do some kind of safety lesson and this went along great because not only did they have activities to reinforce what we talked about in guidance, they had a page of summer rules to keep with them.

I also created a activity pack to go with My Mouth is a Volcano. I so heart this book. I love everything Julia Cook, I would say that now I am a counselor she is one of my absolute fav authors. You can also find this in my TPT store.

I also have a FREEBIE because if some of you are like me...you LOVE anything free, who doesn't. I already hung this up in my office and may get a huge print made at Costco because I think this is a great reminder. I heard it awhile back so I thought I could put it into poster form.

I am looking to create more activities that are paper friendly...and more craftivities. The kids love anything that involves coloring, creating, and a dash of glitter or the use of googley eyes. While thinking ahead, I will definitely be making a to do list.....I have been pinning such cute things and I just want to have a whole day or week to make Dollar Tree runs, Target dollar bin visits, and Hobby Lobby trips. Oooh, the excitement!

Before I go, I want to share the one thing that I don't think I could live without in my office and that is my Erin Condren life planner. 

This planner is to die for and it keeps me on track with work, meetings, and my personal life. I know they are coming out with their new ones for next school year in July...so check it out! You will completely fall in love with all of her organizational stuff....it's ah-mazing.
Well, that's it for today.....y'all have an awesome week and Memorial day!!!

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