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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Exciting Things to Come!!

I have a little bit of this and that to blog about. I was home on Friday because I had my wisdom teeth taken out!! No fun! I never knew how much of a rascal that is to have done!!
I could join the Chipmunks!!

I wanted to first blog about our Friends of Rachel group on our campus. If you haven't heard of it, it is a group associated with Rachel's Challenge. You can find out more here. Basically, it is a service group. You may have something similar at your campus. When I was at the elementary level I had a Character Council and we won the Character Counts! Campus Award which was really exciting!!

A couple of things that our Friends of Rachel group has done this year:
1. Buckner Children's Home Toy Drive
2. Making cards for teachers
3. Making cards for Librarian week, good luck notes for our principal who was up for a huge award, and thank you notes for our testing coordinator once testing was complete
4. Valentines for Veterans
I love having this group and I think it is such an important part of a school counseling program. I feel like groups like this can be the example set in the school of good character and an extension of your program.

One thing we did at our last meeting was brainstorm for next year, campus needs, and ideas for our Students Serving Others project. Something about seeing kiddos brainstorm makes my heart happy! I love hearing their ideas!!!

If you don't have a group like this on your campus, I would definitely encourage you to start one!! It is also just a great group to have to get input on school needs and what is occurring on your campus!!

The next thing I wanted to share was what I put together for our counseling intern. She is fabulous and we just love her. My co-counselor and I share her and I created a binder for her when she started. Some of you had messaged me about you getting interns and wanted to know what you could put together for them. I didn't have a ton of time since it's that busy time of year! I decided to create a binder with useful info and resources. You can add whatever you feel they need at your campus. I made sure to include procedures and programs on our campus, fun resources, ways to contact me, and basic things that could help her day to day with organization (like my monthly calendar and to do list)!

Programs and Procedures

Bell Schedule and To Do List

Resources from my TPT store

Counseling Log

Encouraging Notes to start building relationships with students

A place to record questions and answers

My work info and blog info

So that is pretty much what I added. You can put in more or less, whatever you feel is important for them to have!!

Next, I wanted to share a couple of exciting things!!!

Andrea over at JyJoyner Counselor Blog and I will be starting a Counselor Fashion Spotlight! We are sooo excited and I can't wait! We will feature outfit ideas on our blogs focusing on a certain piece or theme!! So stay tuned for that. We will have something coming soon!!

Speaking of fashion, I wanted to share a site with you all that has the cutest stinkin' jewelry EVER and is super affordable. It is called Simply Kate! Tell them Melanie at The Stylish School Counselor sent you! You can find their shop here: Simply Kate
A cute necklace or bracelet goes a long way and adds so much to an outfit. I am so ordering these pieces ASAP!


Need a custom invitation, announcement, or photo card? My super cute sis-in-law has started up LC Designs and can create some pretty adorb stuff. Here is a link where you can liker her on Facebook: LC Designs
Here are some of her invites!

And before I let you all go, I HAVE to give my sweet readers a FREEBIE! This is a countdown until summer. This could be framed on your desk and you could count down with a dry erase marker or could be copied in color and laminated and hung around school (ex: staff bathrooms, workroom, etc) What a fun morale booster!
Get your FREE copy HERE!!

Y'all have a great week! Feel free to check out my teacher appreciation ideas over at my personal blog HERE! 
The ideas I am sharing there are for my own personal kiddos' teachers. With my son having strep last week, my wisdom teeth out, and prepping for their teachers...I haven't thought of anything for my campus... but when I do, I will definitely share!! : )  

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