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Monday, May 19, 2014

Who is Counting Down??

Do any of you have summer fever yet? If I said no, it would be a lie. I absolutely love my job but I am ready to lay out, bring my kiddos to the splash park and library, and have tons of play dates with my BFF!!

Lately, I have been trying to reflect on this year and plan for next year. I have ideas of things I want to implement next year and want to make sure I jot it all down while it's fresh on my mind. Often we have lots of ideas but when we start back and get overwhelmed with beginning of the year stuff, we forget all of those great initiatives!! I am so buying a cute notebook like this to start jotting down ideas this summer. Do you ever just have an idea come to you randomly? I do all the time. This way, I can carry this around and jot it down as it comes to mind.
These cute monogrammed journals along with other cute stuff can be found HERE at The Sister Studio!

 One thing that brightened my week last week were these sweet notes from students. I asked if they were required to make them and their teacher said no which melted my heart even more.

Today, I am focusing on Bullying Resources. I think Bullying Education is so important in school not for the obvious reason of educating our kiddos for prevention but also so parents and kids actually know what bullying is.

At my last school, I held a parent meeting on bullying. I felt it was vital for them to know what bullying is. I used to have many reports from parents and kids on things that were not even bullying and were more one time discipline issues. So we discussed a couple of things:

1. Location (is it at school or home)
2. Occurrences (was it a one time thing or has it happened numerous times)
3. Nature (are they ignoring them because they don't want to be their friend and are being respectful about it or are they purposely excluding them)

We then discussed how to handle various situations and I provided parents resources to take home. It also helped at the beginning of the year to put a name with a face so that we, as the counselor and parents, could build a good relationship.

In the younger grades, I think education on Bully Prevention is SO important. This may include guidance lessons, announcements, words of the week that focus on character, and small group activities.

I must say that I love these websites. They have games, activity ideas, and cute videos for all age groups:



And these are some of my favorite books on the topic:

These would be fun to do book studies on in middle school for small group sessions:


I also have a new Bully Free Kid unit in my TPT store!! You can find it HERE!
I tried to make it kid-friendly, easy to print, and ready to use with no prep!!

I also wanted to share a great new product for your stylish needs!! : )
A sweet reader sent me the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Younique. It is absolutely amazing. I had heard about it but I wasn't sure if I would like it. Luckily, she sent me one to try out and review and I am officially in love. If you know me, I am always looking for good eye makeup to emphasize my smaller, almond shaped eyes. This makes a huge difference and one of my students asked if I was wearing fake lashes. Hey I try to look stylish...but ain't nobody got time for that...haha!

I don't know......#middleschoolduckface/puzzledface....lol
Add caption
I am not sure why I look much more tan in one pic than the other but it made my lashes drastically fuller and longer. The one on the left is plain ol' mascara (and I have a crazy eye) and the one on the right is the fiber lashes. I have super fine, short lashes so yours may look totally more amazing. For my short lashes.....this is big!

I am never going back...it is so worth it!!! I think that with makeup the eyes makes the biggest difference!!

If you would like to purchase it, contact Jennifer Simard at 978-479-9494 or at

I can't imagine using any other mascara now. So thanks Jennifer for giving me some fab lashes!!

Before I go I wanted to share an easy way to dress up on a jean day without being too overdressed. Our awesome principal gave us the rest of the year to wear jeans!!! On Fridays, I will totally wear a t-shirt and jeans but I am hoping to get creative the rest of the days!

Here is a simple outfit with a little bit of sass.

I got a simple black peplum top on clearance at Charming Charlie, blue skinny jeans (well not on me...haha) on clearance at Target, leopard wedges at Kohls many years ago, and a blue chain style necklace from my fav place, Groovy's.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and enjoy these last few weeks of school. Enjoy your kiddos and don't forget to jot down all of your great ideas for next year!

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