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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Looking towards the future....

I don't know about you but college week is one of my fav times of year! It comes super quick for us but it is still tons of fun! Most of the things we did this year were similar to the things we did last year! We didn't have as much time to plan but I am definitely going to start collecting ideas and creating things I can ahead of time so I will just need to pull those things out when it comes around next year!!!

Some of the things we did this year were:

-Wear as much college gear as possible/dress in your fav college

-Door decorating contest
My lovely co counselor..haha!

-College trivia (a fight song and clues about the school are read aloud on the announcements and students can drop off their guesses to be entered in a drawing)

-Guess that Grad (teachers submit pictures from college and students LOVE guessing who they are)

-College students from a local university came to speak to our students about college life, things why wish they would have paid attention to in middle school, and about the neat activities to get involved in at college

Chi O's

-High school students came to speak to our students at lunch about important skills for college, what colleges they planned on attending, and visited lunch tables to answer questions

It was so much fun and now my co counselor and I are eager to start planning Red Ribbon Week!I am also posting a letter pack for sayings. If you notice my "Guess the Grad" letters....I am in love with them. I love seeing BIG letters and displays in hallways because with huge, long hallways smaller displays get lost in it all. I am posting some inspirational words and popular headings for displays. It will be in my TPT store TODAY! I am home with a sick kiddo so I finally had time to stop and do a little blogging. I will post the link on facebook.

I would love to hear some of the things you do in your school for college week!!!! Please comment below or share on facebook!!! Next up on the blog....how I use my large inspirational words and a google form that will help you keep track of all the kids you see...I am in LOVE!

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