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Monday, August 25, 2014

Counselor Spotlight: Vantasia

This week has been so super busy, well the last two week.s It has been full of super late nights at work, too much Starbucks, nights of dancing away to Usher and 80's music with my co-counselor who I swear has to be my non-asian sister from another mother...haha!!! Today was so worth it when kids seemed happy and our amazing teachers seemed happy!!! I swear those kids and teachers make it all worth it!!!

Here is a glimpse of my past weeks in the counseling world!!!
Our leadership team doing some team building!

Love this girl!!!!

My little guy started First Grade today...tear!

First Grade and Pre-K!!!

The day I was so delirious....I told everyone it was a Friday....on a Thursday!

Celebrating our amazing principal's birthday!

Trying to be cute at counselor staff development

We made a pro/con list on whether we should eat out or stay in....guess which won?

convocation....so pumped after hearing an awesome speaker

A sweet gesture from Mama Meyers, our 7th grade registrar, it's like having a mom at school! Love her!

Sweet friends and teachers making me feel special!!!
So, that is a little of what has been in my world. Today, I have an EXCITING GUEST post by Vantasia Owens. She is a fashionista, absolutely gorgeous, and has such amazing motivation. She is a school counseling student and is the type of counselor any school would be so blessed to have. She is passionate y'all about counseling. I swear we should be besties because she loves counseling AND fashion. Here's a little info on my new friend......Vantasia!

What school do you attend, what is your classification, and what is your major?
I am currently attending The University of Southern Mississippi where I am a sophomore, Psychology major.

What are your thoughts about fashion?
My thoughts on fashion? I have so many! Fashion is fun, unique, and effortless; it’s YOU! To me I get to express myself through the things that I wear, from accessories, hairstyles, makeup, etc! It’s not just the clothes that you wear or the prices on them. It’s all about how you wear the merchandise! And with a job well done you can inspire others also from a great appearance. The way you present yourself is everything! I always like to keep this quote in my head, “Be your own kind of beautiful.” Define your own style and rock what you love with confidence!

What led you on the path to become a School Counselor?

I knew I wanted to attend college and do something that I loved and was passionate about. Nursing, Social Work, Physical Therapy, Occupational therapy, and so many others were an option for me. I just knew helping people was for me. Friends, family, even strangers would always come to me for advice and I was always there and I enjoyed being there. I started to realize that I am a nurturer, a lover, I’m not judgmental, and I keep secrets. So many wonderful characteristics of a counselor, mentor, and advocate.  My senior year of high school I was given the opportunity to work in the guidance office at my high school and I fell in love, I was able to help the counselors and even a select few students.  My counselor was the best and our relationship was phenomenal, he helped me through a lot my senior year. I’m sure he would’ve been a great help the other three years of my high school career but we never think to actually go to the school counselor. You know?  But that’s one of my goals to actually get students to visit my office, not even when things are going wrong!

What are your career goals as a School Counselor?

I would like to start off as an elementary school counselor and work my way up just so that I can get a taste of all school levels. I know that there are many different circumstances and school counselor duties differ a lot from elementary, middle, and high schools. However, the ultimate goal is still the same for all. I want to build a relationship with each and every one of my students and really impact their lives; I want them to never forget Ms. Owens. I want to help them to be the best that they can be both academically and socially. Working in the guidance office my senior year of high school  I was able to see things that I wanted to change so becoming a school counselor would allow me to be that change that I wish to see. School Counselors are underestimated and I want to be that difference even if we never get the credit that we deserve. I’m all for positivity and empowerment so it would be nice to someday create something where all School Counselors can connect and come together outside of the National School Counselor Association. Hopefully my commitment and determination can lead me into becoming an administrator or school principal someday.

What would be your advice to other college students going into the education/counseling industry?

Passion over everything! Go hard for what you love and believe in. Never give up.  People will always try to kill your dreams and visions, don’t let them. Always remember money is not the main factor it is only the goal, it will come. It’s levels to success!!

 Have a question for Vantasia? Contact her at the info below:

Thanks, Vantasia, for your post and your pictures. You are an absolute gorgeous girl inside and out and we wish you the best of luck as your further your studies!! 

And let me tell you about the Instagram challenge I will have going on this Friday. Take any type of beginning of the year pic. It could be you at your desk, a picture of a bulletin board....anything and write what your goal is this year. You can put @melroseacker to tag me and use the hashtag #counselorsbacktoschool and #stylishschoolcounselor. Can't wait to see your pictures!!!


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