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Sunday, August 17, 2014

As you start your year.....

As this year begins, I hope each one of you knows how amazing you are. The job we do can't be described in one word. The job that we do can't be shut down and tucked away as we head out the door. Our minds can't switch over and forget the students on our hearts. We don't just have the job of supporting our students but also our teachers. We have to be a big part of the heart of our schools...of the morale. Our attitudes affect our campus in a big way.

Every job is important. I think the job of a counselor is no different. We must be selfless, positive, encouraging, empathetic, understanding, a multi-tasker, organized and so many things all rolled into one.

Whether it's your first year or 20th year as a counselor, I want you to know how BIG you are in your students' lives. Whether it is a smile to a student when you open the door, a hug when they are full of tears and hurt, an encouraging talk when they have had a rough day, help when they are struggling in class....you make a difference.

So when you are behind a pile of paperwork or setting up 504 meetings, know that even in those moments you are making a difference. Whether it is helping a student get the accommodations they need or being an advocate to get them tested....you are making an impact. You are a stepping stone to their academic success for the years to come.

When you feel like people are complaining or just plain put out....know that we all have bad days. I have days where I want to go home and cry because I can't "fix" the hurt in my students. There are days where I may have eaten 6 fun size Snickers bars because I had so much paperwork to do. Yet, after all of that.....especially eating the 6 fun size snickers.....I know that I am blessed to have been called to this career. Because the good days, the inspiring days.....far outweigh the bad days.

When a student wants to see me or tells me that I helped them, it makes everything so worth it. I hope you realize that, too, with the start of the school year. It's our fresh start, as counselors, to make a positive impact on our students and our profession.

I wish you nothing but the best this year and hope to truly use this blog not just to share my love of fashion and making cutesy things but to be an advocate for counselors and to share ideas that will hopefully inspire you and help in some way with your programs! Have a wonderful year, know that I am rooting for you every step of the way!

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