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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Back to Work and 504....

I went back to work August 1st and since then it is has been busy...non-stop. I just got home around 9'ish for the 2nd night. I am definitely not complaining but I am so looking forward to this weekend and being lazy with my family.

Here is a review of my week in pictures....
We had a fun leadership lunch with our amazing administration!

My co counselor and I deciding if we should go out to lunch...haha!

First in-service

My precious principal may have thought it was funny when I ordered my Starbucks drink...it's kind of long

Me with a calendar because I was a day ahead in my mind and may have told everyone that today was Friday...haha!

I shared on Facebook that I was going to post about a resource that I love when it comes to handling 504. Shhhh....don't tell anyone but 504 is something I like. Not sure why???? There was a great response so I think I will break it up into how I organize 504. Today I am starting with a resource and each week I will share something that hopefully you can use in your program.

This is one of my top resources. It is an amazing website called the National Center for Learning Disbilities. It is a great tool for teachers. counselor, and parents. It contains information about accommodations and various disabilities. It has online assessments and checklists. It is simply amazing!!!

I honestly could go on and on about it but check it out. It will take some time to explore but it is something I definitely refer to often and have bookmarked on my computer!!!

I will be working on 504 processes/organization next week, so check back! I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your school year!!

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