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Monday, August 4, 2014

A Peek Into My Office

Hey y'all! I went back to work on Friday and can I just say that I forgot what it is like to wake up at 5:30 a.m.??? Praise the Lord for Starbuck's because my trusty baristas at my local one have started my drink from the moment I step through the door.

My kiddos aren't back at school and my hubby still has almost 2 weeks so they get to sleep in. I love seeing their sweet, sleeping faces as I head out but it has been nice having my Starbucks trips in the morning.

So, I wanted to share a peek into my office with you. I feel like I finally have my office somewhat put together after a year...haha!!! So here is a look inside

I am loving this! This is my 2014-15 calendar turned into a desk pad!!! I LOVE it! One of our coach's dad has a printing business and turned the calendar into this!! Maybe we will be collaborating with products soon!!???

I used this as a door banner. This is from my 2014-15 Office Pack!!!

I love this sign I got from Kirkland's for $4.99!!!

I am loving my office more this year! A sweet teacher at Joey's school was selling some of her stuff when she was moving and I was lucky enough to catch it! I am loving the purple (our school's colors), green, black, and turquoise.

I am excited to hang up my confidentiality and small group counseling rules in black frames. If you can't tell I am in a black and white mood with pops of color. I am trying to keep it simple, clean, and organized. If you are interested in picking up my NEW office pack, check it out HERE!!!

 I will be doing a post on organization and will also have some binder label FREEBIES on my next post. I am really excited about this year. I feel like the worst blogger ever with this past year. Honestly, I felt I was learning all over again with a new level. But now I am ready, excited, and full of ideas!

Also, coming up is a SUPER FUN post with JyJoyner Counselor, Andrea! We will be sharing some ways to wear your summer clothes back to work in a professional way!! So look for that tomorrow!!

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