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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Character Posters and Back to School We Go!

Right now, I feel excited, overwhelmed, and a little sad all rolled into one! I am excited to get back to work and see my kiddos and take pictures of things to blog on here and just dive into work! I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the to do lists I have to get taken care of when I get back. Of course, I am sad because I have enjoyed every bit of the break with my sweet kiddos and my husband (a PE teacher) so we had a lot of time together and I sure will miss it!

This afternoon, after baking banana bread and catching up on Hart of Dixie (my new fav show), I was brainstorming something cute and decorative for my office that would be meaningful! So I created some character words with super cute chevron and little frames. You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store...for only $1.50. This is my first time to "try" to sell something so we will see. So feel free to check it out here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Character-Word-Posters
Of course, here is a picture of one of them, there are a total of 6 and I hope to make much more!!!

Also, I would like to share with you all my personal blog which has updates on my crazy life:

Have a wonderful week and please be on the lookout for more!

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