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Saturday, January 19, 2013

So many kiddos...so little time!

I have been so stinkin' busy that I haven't been able to post as much as I would like! Our sweet little boy had the flu and it was pretty bad for awhile but he is all better now! 
Then me and my daughter enjoyed some fun shopping and manicures!
So I am super happy to be back and everyone healthy and things back to normal!

How many of you have oodles of kiddos to see individually? I know that at my campus I do and I am sure most of you do, too!!! With guidance, group counseling, lunch bunch, character council (which I will have in a later post) it can be a bit overwhelming but I love it SO much and as counselors it is a huge part of our job! I have a binder with all my consent forms organized by grade level tabs and from there I have it organized by student's last names. This works so well for me and helps me to see my case load by grade level. I also have a log sheet with the student's name and it has a table and I jot down the dates that I see them. This has come in handy this year!!! I don't keep any notes just dates so I have a record that I am seeing them and when.
I recently made this little form below to help me figure out who I will see and when. I make a weekly schedule which I will post this week but as I am sure you know...our picture perfect schedules don't always work out. So this little life saver helps me plan my individual sessions when things are changing. Here is a blank one for you to check out:

I always use a pencil because it may change when unexpected things pop up. I then highlight their name once I see them and document it in my handy dandy binder. It may seem like a lot of extra work to some people but it works for me. It's like a to do list but for my case load. You can find this freebie at:

Please feel free to share any ideas that work for you on here or on my fb page which you can like by clicking on the left side of this blog!

I am thankfully off for MLK, Jr. and will spend it taking my kiddos to dr. appointments but...get this...counselors are off on Tuesday in my district! Yippee!! So be watching for more freebies and some units/packets to purchase because I hope to work on some on my lil' vacation!

Have a great week!

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